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About Us

The Denison Community Service Association's mission is to respond to social and environmental needs by building relationships with those around us while promoting reciprocal learning, personal growth, and life-long commitment to community, direct service, and responsible stewardship. This includes actively recruiting students for the purpose of serving the community.









Members Benefits

DCSA members will have the privilege of working with campus and community partners to address social issues the community is facing, will gain insight into their own civic identity, learn how to engage in ethical and effective service, be able to confront biases, and build lasting relationships.

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Meeting new students with shared interest

Our Team

Genevieve Pfister Profile

Genevieve Pfister

Stories on the Hill President
Sarita Toledo Profile

Sarita Toledo

Global Fellows/RAC Officer
Valeria Benitez Profile

Valeria Benitez

Global Fellows/RAC Officer
Chloe Floyd Profile

Chloe Floyd

Humane Society President
Kendall Polen Profile

Kendall Polen

Human Rights and Advocacy Coordinator
Thomas Vodrey Profile

Thomas Vodrey

Sustainability and Conservation Coordinator
Natalie Gutierrez Profile

Natalie Gutierrez

Global Fellows/RAC Officer
Carolina Romero Profile

Carolina Romero

Global Fellows/RAC Officer
Willow Shoemaker Profile

Willow Shoemaker

Humane Society Officer
Ella Rausch Profile

Ella Rausch

Letters of Love Treasurer
Jessica Dean Profile

Jessica Dean

Dea Brahimaj Profile

Dea Brahimaj

Global Fellows/RAC Officer
Jazmyn Rafique Profile

Jazmyn Rafique

Global Fellows President
Anastasija Ignjatovic Profile

Anastasija Ignjatovic

Big Brothers Big Sisters President
Nora Flanagan Profile

Nora Flanagan

Food Security Coordinator
Isabella Fratangelo Profile

Isabella Fratangelo

New Beginnings President
Aliya Brennan Profile

Aliya Brennan

Co-Director of Camp Kesem
Megan Broderick Profile

Megan Broderick

Co-Director of Camp Kesem
Chloe Benson Profile

Chloe Benson

Humane Society Officer
Bailey Roberts Profile

Bailey Roberts

Stories on the Hill Officer
Anita Tamang Profile

Anita Tamang

Medical Volunteers Co-President
Mallory Hallwirth Profile

Mallory Hallwirth

Francesca Gunn Profile

Francesca Gunn

Medical Volunteers Co-President
Jalal Elbatal Profile

Jalal Elbatal

Civic Engagement Coordinator
Viola Day Profile

Viola Day

Economic Equity and Affordable Housing Coordinator
Madeline Henricksen Profile

Madeline Henricksen

Education Equity Coordinator
Gracie Cates Profile

Gracie Cates

Saturday Service Coordinator
Anna Keller Profile

Anna Keller

Animal Rights Coordinator
Yeyoung Lee Profile

Yeyoung Lee

Human Rights and Advocacy Coordinator
Emily Vermillion Profile

Emily Vermillion

Jacob Eppley Profile

Jacob Eppley

Katherine Mims Profile

Katherine Mims

Tysen Klaus Profile

Tysen Klaus

Education Equity Coordinator

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Denison Community Service Association

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